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Rafael is really a women’s clothes clerk at a sizable Madrid division shop, Yeyo’s. His division is full of stunning, comely young ladies that Rafael consistently seduces. When Rafael vies to get a management situation with Don Antonio, a men’s clothes clerk that Rafael despises, a fluke leads to Don Antonio to earn the promotion. He fires Rafael along with a battle arises by which Rafael accidentally gets rid of Wear Antonio. Lourdes, an unattractive and unassuming clerk in the shop, witnesses the end result from the battle, assiststhe physique, and offers an alibi for your law enforcement. At a terrible price, although rafael wins his coveted promotion: into an undesirable partnership. He’s made to blaze his numerous former lovers, to wed Lourdes (she suggests over a reside reality Television show) and to assistance women’s clothes of her style. Rafael will become so depressed he starts to , finding the ghost of Wear Antonio who implies Rafael ought to get rid of Lourdes. Because the police are also pressing him once more, he causes a fire within the division shop and fakes his death, in front of his wife along with a police officer. 5 years later, he (having a bogus personal identity) features a little company promoting ties and socks, but Lourdes’ clown-like garments certainly are a achievement and she turns into a millionaire.